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Our Story

30*90*threads is a Veteran owned and operated New Orleans based clothing brand promoting individualized/creative style. We pride ourselves in adventure while leading the way with our hearts and always carrying our NOLA native culture with us no matter the direction our compass is pointing and our ship is sailing. “Set South & Drift.”

A portion of our proceeds benefits the Sterling J. Cardon III Scholarship Fund. Read more below.

30*90*threads Sterling J. Cardon III Scholarship Fund



The Sterling Joseph “Joey” Cardon, III (SJC,III) Scholarship was created to honor the memory of our son and brother. Joey immersed himself in the arts. He enjoyed acting, drawing, painting, photography, and music, and incorporated it all in expressing himself.

Through wearing art and creating it, Joey co-founded the New Orleans-based clothing brand, “30*90*threads” with his younger sister, Angela. Not long after, the two siblings found themselves living, working, and creating in Los Angeles, where Angela still resides as creative executive at a Hollywood studio.

The brand is currently managed by Joey’s brother, Nic, a CHS graduate and Army Veteran. Through his love of the arts, Joey lives on and inspires others to live their dream and to dream big! In his 35 years, he traveled, created, and experienced the ups and downs of life. “It’s all good,” he would often say.

And if he were here today, he would encourage young people to live life fully, take risks, be passionate about what you love and never stop creating!

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